Today is February 6, 2017

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday.  While I didn’t want them to win, I’m am a little happy the paper headlines aren’t political today.  I need a break from that.

There’s no doubt about it.  Like them.  Hate them.  They are the best in the world.  They now have a 5th Super Bowl Championship.  That’s pretty amazing!

The game was great.  At halftime I never thought they could come back and win.

To me, what was amazing was after the game.  The trophy presentation, the interviews, the celebrations just getting started.  When they introduced Bill Belichick and handed him the trophy, Terry Bradshaw told him he was one of the best coaches in the history of the game.  Bill stopped him and credited his players.

Later when Bradshaw handed the trophy to Tom Brady, he credited Tom to bringing the team back to win.  Tom stood there and said “no, WE ALL brought the team back to win”

Now sure, you can say that it was the right thing to say.  Millions of people we’re watching.  But I really believe him.

To me, that’s what makes them a great team.  They work well together and they always pat each other on the back.  It was a team effort.  Sure Brady made the play calls and threw the passes, but it was the team that worked together that made them champions.  Not just yesterday, but all season long.

As a Buffalo Bills fan, It’s hard to do, but I tip my hat to them.

Congrats Patriot fans!  You deserve the Championship.  I just hope you’ll say the same thing when The Bills win it next year…