The summer season is in full effect and the weather couldn’t be nicer.  Looking out my window as I write this at an 82-degree day with no clouds in the sky.  Seems like everyone is our swimming and enjoying the weather except me.  Office work calls…

This week on Thursday I’ll be off to Cincinnati to do some team building for a small AADOM chapter.  With only 12 people at the meeting, it should be a nice intimate setting.  They heard about us from other AADOM chapters that we’ve been at and it looks like we’ll be on our way to doing the AADOM circuit around the US.

We’re missing the Steve Tasker Leadership program this year.  Canisius College had decided to stop with the program due to scheduling conflicts over the summer/break season.  I hope the people that run the program find a new home so we can continue to bring smiles, laughs and most importantly education to the young adults of WNY.

Stay cool, wear some sunscreen and enjoy this weather.  It won’t be long before we’re back to school and dare I say, the S word!