“So suddenly I’m in love with a stranger”

I seem to be singing those words from Andy Grammer’s Fresh Eyes quite a bit lately.

It happened a while ago when I was performing magic for a group of people.  In the background, I could hear that song playing.  As I was doing the moves to a trick that I’ve performed literally thousands of times, I was watching the young lady in front of me.  Her face showed everything.  She was in awe!  She showed so much amazement, it made my night.

As I thanked them for their time and moved on, I listened closely to that song.  Another lyric is “And now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes”

That’s what made me remember a conversation I had with Garrett Thomas.  Just because I’ve seen the magic or the trick before, doesn’t mean the spectator has.  It was so fresh and new to her.  She just witnessed something she’s never seen and something she didn’t expect.  It was truly magical for her.  She had Fresh Eyes!

I guess that’s something we all need to remember.  Just because your world is occupied with something, doesn’t mean everyone else knows it.  Of course, it goes both ways.  Co-workers, friends and strangers might all be dealing with something that you are totally unaware of.

In our Team Building program, we get asked from clients to bring people together and work as a team. Almost always after our program, we hear people talk to each other.  We hear conversations about how people found out things about each other they never knew.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  Bringing people closer together and helping them learn about themselves and each other.

With 2017 just starting, one of my resolutions is to ask more questions.  Truly find out more about each other.  With just a week or so into the new year, I’ve found out some pretty cool stuff about my friends.  The world is an amazing place. It’s amazing because of the people that occupy it.  Sometimes you just need some “Fresh Eyes” to see that…